Hello / Bienvenue / Willkommen / Hola

My name is Bruce, I am a software developer from Glasgow, Scotland.
I started off with a background in Biomed but switched over to the world of tech.

I've worked for several companies of different sizes and industries. Working on cool projects to do with TV, Mobile, CRM and eCommerce.

On this site you will find posts on tech, travel, photography and other ramblings.

Here's some more information you might find useful.


Java, ES6, PHP, HTML5, CSS/SASS, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Kotlin, C++

Tools of the trade

IntelliJ, Ubuntu, Docker, Gitlab, AWS, Heroku


Photography: I really like taking natural photos of landscapes and animals.
Retrowave: or Vaporwave as its sometimes called, the 80s aesthetic for visuals and sounds is really cool I think.
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu: grappling is fun along with the benefits of it being a martial art.