Steam Summer Sale 2014

Steam Summer Sale 2014

Steam Summer Sale 2014

The end of June indicates the peak of summertime but it is also an important solstice for gamers around the world. Where enticing discounts on a smorgasbord of games occurs, causing money to haemorrhage from many wallets. The event is called; "The Steam Summer Sale"

I had made a point this year to resist buying anymore games until I had completed the ones I already have in my steam library. I was doing so well up until the last day of the sale, known as, "Encore day". The enticing discounts were just too good to resist and voila; I had acquired the following games:

  • Dragon Age
  • Goat Simulator
  • Battlefield 2 Complete Edition
  • Dark Souls
  • Borderlands 2

Much to my dismay and with impeccable timing, Gamespy had stopped all its Multiplayer services for Battlefield 2 and many other games.

Luckily the awesome guys at ReviveBF2 have created their own Server which will allow users to login and play BF2 as normal. You just download their executable which wraps over the original BF2.exe, pointing the game's hosts file to their server.

Maybe this Christmas will be different, maybe I will not buy anymore games..... maybe Gaben.

You win this time Gabe....