90s Rock Bands

A very short and subjective list of 90s Rock bands.

90s Rock Bands

5. Manic Street Preachers

The Manics were a band I was exposed to from listening to the radio  from a young age, but I didn't really start to appreciate them till I  was in my twenties. They have a nice balance of guitar riffs with  elements of pop which was typical of 90s rock. A few other songs; Slash and Burn, You Stole the Sun From My Heart.

4. Gun

I didn't discover GUN till I came across their cover of, "Word Up" on  YouTube. I thought they were more grunge at first but after listening  more they were definitely Hard Rock. Even more surprising was that they were from my hometown; Glasgow. A few other songs; Word Up, Taking on the World.

3. Faith No More

"Wait, what? These guys are 80s surely?"

Well for me Faith No More really didn't peak till 1990. Their videos  alone scream a 90s psychotropic colour bleed. I discovered them through a  couple of movies, those being Bill and Ted and Black Hawk Down. A few  other songs; Midlife Crisis, Epic.

2. The Offspring

"You gotta keep em separated"

The Offspring was definitely one of those bands I would blast in my dad's car on the way to school.

However that was 2000s Offspring I would be blasting. There is a noticeable difference in the music of 90s Offspring .  Some fans would say that the album, "Conspiracy of One", was when they sold out.

Then  picked up their albums up to "Splinter". When the band split up I  reverted to their older albums; "Smash" and "Ixnay on the Hombre", which  had plenty of gems like; Gone Away, Self Esteem.

1. Pearl jam

Pearl Jam wasn't just a band, it was a staple of the 90s grunge, along with  flannel shirts and ripped jeans. I was a toddler at the time of their  prominence and didn't know about them until a classmate at university shared their music with me. Jeremy is my favourite song from their widely  acclaimed album, "Ten". Other favourites from that album are; Black, Even Flow.

Notable mentions

By constraining a list to five items, you are bound to neglect other worthy mentions like.


Stone Temple Pilots

Alice in Chains