Generation Kill Book and TV Guide

A short guide to map out the book with the TV show adaptation.

Generation Kill Book and TV Guide

HBO has a reputation of delivering great dramas and mini-series for television. One of those shows which I have kept coming back and watching was Generation Kill.

It's not your standard war junkie show; for those looking for action, instead it focuses on the mundanity of the battlefield. In the lulls of fighting where boredom and mischief take place, showing the real human nature of soldiers.

One aspect I really like about it is how it goes into detail on the incompetence of leadership which could either result in a humourous or deadly outcome.

Since the show is an adaptation of Evan Wright's account of the Iraq war, I have put together a rough guide of the chapters from his book and how they line up with each episode of the show.

I would recommend reading the following chapters and then watching the corresponding episode from the show or vice-versa.

Chapter Episode
Prologue, 1 - 7 1 "Get Some"
8 - 12 2 "Cradle Of Civilisation"
13 - 18 3 "Screwby"
19 - 23 4 "Combat Jack"
24 - 29 5 "A Burning Dog"
30 - 33 6 "Stay Frosty"
33 - 35, Epilogue 7 "Bomb In The Garden"

All in all a great TV mini-series, my favourite phrase from it has to be, "never pet a burning dog".

Also on incompetent leaders.